5 Ways To Connect Virtually With Family This Holiday Season

November 18th, 2020

Getting together with family, friends and neighbors is one of the best parts of the holidays. While things may look a little different this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t ring in the season with those you love. In fact, with just a few creative changes, you can probably stick to most of your favorite holiday traditions! Here are five different ways you can still connect with friends and family to enjoy this special time of year.

  1. Virtual Gatherings
    With the current pandemic, everyone is getting used to seeing one another online. Using Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime or whatever your preferred platform is, you can still have family dinners, reunions and more all from the comfort of home. You can even amp it up by having themed costume contests, playing online games together or even building a gingerbread house while you chat and catch up!
  2. Mail Gifts
    Taking the time to find that perfect gift is a special way to tell someone you love them. Even if you won’t be seeing each other in person, you can still mail gifts and decorate the box or envelope for some added fun. And once they receive it, you can get on a video call to open it – that way you can still see that look of surprise on their face!
  3. Recipe Swap
    Your aunt’s lemon pie, mom’s special stuffing, grandma’s famous cookies – there’s sure to be a long-time potluck favorite you’re craving this time of year. Well, now is the perfect time to swap recipes and try making it yourself! And if a family member doesn’t want to give up their secrets, you can mail most foods if packed appropriately, so maybe they’ll send some your way.
  4. Movie Marathon
    Polar Express, Home Alone, A Christmas Story – there are so many classic holiday movies out there to enjoy. If one of your family traditions is having a movie marathon when family visits, then fear not! This is an easy one to transition to virtual, thanks to platforms like Netflix Party that allow everyone to watch the same movie together.
  5. Shearwater Community
    Shearwater has such a strong sense of community, it’s like having family right next door. You could meet up with neighbors for a socially distanced backyard party, help decorate each other’s yards or organize a Secret Santa gift exchange on your street. Plus, there’s always Shearwater’s lifestyle programming, which is sure to include some fun activities like virtual craft classes, themed grab bags, drive-in movies and more!

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