What’s So Smart About Interior Home Design in 2024?

January 22nd, 2024

Did you know that Florida is set to become part of the world’s most advanced smart home market? The Sunshine State ranks third, right up there with New York and California, in interest in and adopting smart home automation, proving that smart homes aren’t a trend – they’re the new norm.

These forward-thinking design integrations appeal to both homeowners and home buyers, making them valuable assets in today’s real estate market.

Let There Be Lighting!

Light is a pretty powerful force. One flip of the switch — or tap on a device — can alter or align with our circadian rhythms, impacting our moods and behaviors. Harnessing the power of light is a big part of health-conscious living. 

Smart lighting gives you wireless control via your phone, tablet, or other smart devices such as Google Assistant or Alexa. More than convenient, it’s efficient. Smart LED bulbs last longer and generate less heat, which is something Florida residents can appreciate.

Another way to control the light in your home is through motorized shades. As gorgeous as that Florida sun is, sometimes it can be a bit harsh. Motorized shades seamlessly integrate with all of your devices, so you can adjust them yourself or program them to adapt to the changes in outdoor light. 

Delivering comfort, convenience, wellness, and energy efficiency? Smart lighting has undoubtedly earned its name.

Connect In the Kitchen.

Our kitchens are becoming even smarter, with technology seamlessly integrated into every aspect. Smart appliances, touchless faucets, and intelligent storage solutions are not just conveniences but essential elements in the room where it all happens. 

The refrigerator is arguably the hub of the kitchen. The smart options and varieties are endless. Many brands have built-in devices, such as Alexa, that let you stay connected with your home and family from anywhere. With voice activation, you can stream music, share photos, search for recipes, watch videos, and more, leaving your hands free to greet the guests or focus on getting dinner on the table. Some smart fridges will even keep track of your groceries’ expiration dates!

Bonus: They’re aesthetically advanced, too. You can choose between two, three, or four easily customizable panels. They come in various colors and textures that suit your style and mood.

Don’t Be Afraid of Wallpaper

“Smart” doesn’t just apply to technology. It’s also about how we interact with and integrate eco-friendly aspects into our homes. One way to be smart with interior design is…wait for it…wallpaper.

Gone are the days of messy, sticky glue. There’s a thriving market out there that offers organic wall murals and wallpapers that are non-toxic and easy to apply. Put up an accent wall that showcases swaying green palm trees, break up the monotony of an overlooked nook with a pattern of orange blossoms, or enliven a dark space with the clear blue hue of the Atlantic.

Another nice thing about this type of design is that you don’t have to commit to paint. These peel-and-stick options let you change your mind, update a teen’s room — or completely change your aesthetic — on a whim.

Here’s To A Smarter 2024

The designs of 2024 encompass a cohesive blend of technologies, environmental consciousness, and personalization. 

You’ll find all of this and more at Shearwater. Explore a world of possibilities with our builders, who offer endless innovative technologies and cutting-edge design elements in every home. Step into our model homes, each a showcase of modern advancements. Visit our community, and discover the ideal home tailored just for you.