A Festive Guide to Northeast Florida’s Seasonal Delights

November 30th, 2023

As the holiday season blankets Jacksonville in a shimmering glow, residents and visitors alike can partake in an array of festive activities. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures or downtown day trips, the Jacksonville area has something to offer. Let’s unwrap the season’s magic together!

Outdoor Activities Made Magical

Discover the coastal charm of Northeast Florida through the enchanting holiday ambiance of Vilano Beach and Crescent Beach. These pristine beaches transform into nature’s festive canvas during the holiday season. Imagine strolling along the shore, watching the winter sunset over the Atlantic, creating a perfect backdrop for festive beach gatherings and family picnics. 

Experience the holidays amidst the untouched beauty of Florida’s natural landscapes at Anastasia State Park. The park boasts diverse ecosystems, including tidal salt marshes, ancient sand dunes, and maritime hammocks, the park is a haven for nature lovers, creating a picturesque setting for festive celebrations. Engage in December birdwatching, embark on festive hikes, or enjoy a quiet paddleboarding excursion along the park’s waterways. Anastasia State Park becomes a sanctuary of serenity, offering a blissful escape into Northeast Florida’s unspoiled outdoors during the holiday season. Elevate your holiday spirits with a festive journey through the historic heart of St. Augustine via a holiday-themed golf cart tour.

If you want to give yourself the gift of a luxury weekend, the resorts at Ponte Vedra Beach unveil a tranquil escape for the holidays, offering pristine shores and upscale ambiance. Step into a holiday oasis along the beautiful coastline, dotted with holiday-themed getaways and beautiful golf courses. Whether you seek a coastal retreat with a view or an afternoon of festive golf, Ponte Vedra Beach embodies the elegance and serenity of St. Augustine and Jacksonville’s outdoor offerings during the holiday season.

Deck The Halls On A Day Trip Downtown

Experience the enchantment of the season in historic St. Augustine during the 30th Annual Nights of Lights, where more than three million lights transform every corner of the district into a dazzling display. Through January 28, 2024, witness the city adorned with festive lights, creating a magical ambiance. Explore illuminated streets while enjoying extended hours at downtown businesses, offering a perfect opportunity to dine with a view of the lights and shop in the festively adorned buildings. Choose from a variety of special seasonal tours, including trolley rides, walking tours, and even electric cart tours, allowing you to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit from every angle. Whether exploring the lights by land, water, or air, St. Augustine’s Nights of Lights promises a joyful holiday experience for all.

Downtown Jacksonville invites you to unwrap the festive fun, creating lasting memories amid the glittering lights, cheerful events, and beloved traditions that make the heart of the city a magical place to celebrate the holidays. James Weldon Johnson Park emerges as a downtown holiday hub, hosting a series of events that capture the spirit of the season. From the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony to festive markets featuring local artisans, the park becomes a lively center of holiday activity. Gather with friends and family for a day of merriment, surrounded by the vibrant energy of Downtown Jacksonville. Experience the mesmerizing lights of the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. This iconic location transforms into a holiday haven with thousands of lights, creating a picturesque backdrop for festive gatherings. 

Alternatively, embark on a festive day trip to Savannah, just a 2-hour journey from Shearwater. Immerse yourself in the historic charm as you stroll through the cobblestone streets of the Historic District, shop along the twinkling lights of River Street, and experience the winter wonderland of Forsyth Park. Don’t miss the enchanting Savannah Christmas Market, vibrant street performances, and dazzling tree-lighting events that illuminate the city with holiday magic throughout the season.

Settle In For The Holidays at Shearwater

The joy of the holiday season is just as strong under the warm winter sun in Shearwater, where the resort-style is abundant and designed to foster community spirit and connection. The Kayak Club stands as the perfect gathering spot for residents seeking festive moments with good company. With comfortable seating and large televisions, it’s an ideal locale for watching holiday sports or simply enjoying the warmth of community camaraderie.

Shearwater can unfold like gift wrapping during the holidays, with over 13 miles of trails that promise new adventures at every turn. Whether it’s a family bike ride, a leisurely stroll, or a morning jog, these trails provide a backdrop of nature and wildlife that adds a special touch to December fun. Beyond the scenic beauty, the trails weave through the entire community, connecting residents to nature and each other, which is what this season is about. With the warmer weather, Shearwater becomes a playground for family-friendly activities. From community-wide events to impromptu gatherings, residents can enjoy the holiday season outdoors comfortably. Come alive during the holidays – let the warm winter weather become a gift in itself, inviting residents to celebrate the season outdoors and make lasting memories under the sun.

Creating Everlasting Holiday Memories

As Shearwater transforms into a warm winter wonderland, we invite you to unwrap the gifts of this magical community. From outdoor escapades to downtown discoveries, Northeast Florida offers a holiday season like no other. Embrace the joy, laughter, and enchantment that fill the air as you celebrate the festivities in this energetic community. Have a memorable holiday experience and join the Shearwater community.