Shearwater’s Community Garden

February 9th, 2023

Community Gardens Offer Great Benefits Beyond Fresh, Local Food for Residents

Gardening has long been a favorite hobby and/or way for humans to grow their own food for as long as we’ve been able to do so.

Of course, you need seeds, soil, water, and the right weather to maintain a garden.

But you also need space to do it.

And for many homeowners, it can be a daunting challenge to find that designated space. 

What is a Community Garden?

A community garden is, just like it sounds, a garden that a group of people — or a community — has access to use.

This is an obvious alternative to individual gardens at each residence, which could be something that is simply not available because of space or other limitations. 

Have you ever had the urge to try growing your own food? Wanted to flex your green thumb? Like to feed your family healthy, locally grown produce?

How Do the Community Gardens at Shearwater Work?

Shearwater’s Community Garden is a collection of raised garden beds owned by the homeowner association (HOA). 

Residents can rent out the beds for their own personal use. Once rented, residents can choose what they want to grow, from snap peas and tomatoes to bok choy and cabbage. 

This provides residents with space outside of their yards to grow their own produce, exercise their green thumb, and connect with nature. It also offers the chance for residents to meet and spend time with other residents and their families who may share the common joy of gardening.

Benefits of Community Gardens The Community Garden does a lot more than give residents the chance, and space, to grow their own food. 

Community gardens are a way to bring people together with similar interests and forge friendships that will last long past the growing season. Residents can share produce and cook fresh, delicious meals together, or even help each other have gardening success by sharing tips and tricks.

For families, the Community Garden provides a plethora of opportunities for kids to learn about where their food comes from and for the family to spend quality time together. 

This can help kids build healthy eating habits, teach the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment, and foster a love for nature and spending time outdoors.

Difference Between a Community Garden & Traditional Garden

Shearwater offers residents a variety of thoughtfully planned amenities that foster a sense of community and encourage time spent in nature. 

To learn more about the lifestyle at Shearwater and everything this community has to offer, contact us today  and schedule a tour.