7 Ways to Practice Self-Care at Shearwater

April 25th, 2024

Staying healthy isn’t just about exercising frequently and eating plenty of vegetables. Self-care is vital to mental health. Shearwater, an active-living and vital community located in St. Augustine, Florida, was built with the physical and mental health of its residents in mind and includes several self-care activities to help you rest, relax and recharge. Here are a few ways to practice self-care and have a better sense of personal wellbeing, both at Shearwater and beyond.

Commune With Nature

Nothing is more revitalizing than a breath of fresh air. Shearwater offers several ways for residents to get outside and reconnect with nature. From paddling down Trout Creek in your kayak to exploring 15 miles of nature trails, taking in the beauty of sunny Florida on tranquil waters with a kayak is sure to make you feel good and improve physical health.

Love Your Pet

Pets can have some powerful mental health benefits. Take a moment to cuddle with your favorite furry friend, and if you have a pup, a visit to Shearwater’s Little Paws and Big Paws dog parks is a must.

Have a Spa Day

A long soak in the tub, facial, manicure or massage can make all your worries melt away. Take advantage of your stunning master bathroom at Shearwater for a stay-at-home spa experience, or head over to your favorite local spot for some pampering and reduce your overall stress level.

Take a Nap

Sleep and mental health are closely connected, so do yourself a favor and take a snooze! Cozy up in your bedroom, or better yet, take a nap in a hammock and get the benefit of some fresh air as part of your self-care routine.

Socialize With Friends

Sometimes a good time with friends is just the remedy you need! Shearwater’s Lifestyle Director plans a year-round calendar of fun events and social activities like wine and cheese socials, craft sessions and game nights, so it’s easy to meet up with friends and do something fun.

Exercise the Way You Like

They always say healthy body, healthy mind! But you should exercise in a way you truly enjoy as part of your self care practice. Shearwater has a state-of-the-art Fitness Lodge if you prefer a traditional workout, nature trails for jogging and strolling, a Yoga Lawn for relaxing stretches and even a multi-lane lap pool if you prefer strokes over steps.

Eat Enriching Foods

You shouldn’t just feed your body – your soul needs some love, too! Fruits and vegetables are always a great choice, but treat yourself occasionally with your favorite dish or sweet treat. Residents can even try their hand at gardening at Shearwater’s Community Garden, and have home-grown produce to enjoy and improve their overall health!

In St. Augustine, Florida, you’ll find Shearwater – a community that makes it easy to live your best life. To learn more about the homes for sale at Shearwater and everything this new home community has to offer, schedule a tour to experience it all firsthand and join the Interest List for the news and updates.