How to Start Gardening at Shearwater

April 25th, 2024

Shearwater is a vital living community with a deep appreciation for nature, so it’s no wonder that residents here love to stroll along the 15 miles of trails, picnic at the park or take advantage of the Community Garden, especially on early Spring during growing season. Vegetable Gardening is a great way to bring nature closer to home, and you don’t need a huge garden to enjoy the benefits. Here are some easy gardening tips and tricks from our garden guide on how to start gardening, even if you have more of a brown thumb than a green one.

Gardening Outdoors

When you think of growing vegetables, the first thing that comes to mind is planting a veggie patch in your backyard. A raised garden bed is a great option, and make it easy to amend sandy Florida soil with organic matter. Complete your garden with a few homemade trellises for climbing plants like cucumbers and peas, and you’re ready for the growing season!

If a whole vegetable garden sounds like too much to maintain, then consider container gardening on your porch. At Shearwater, most homes have either a front or back porch that are the perfect place for your potted plants. You can still grow veggies in pots, but colorful flowers and overflowing vines are also great choices and add a lot of ambiance to your outdoor space.

Gardening Indoors

You can grow a lot more inside than you think! There are a variety of easy-to-care-for houseplants that will help purify the air, so they’re not just something nice to look at. A windowsill herb garden can add a fresh bite to dinner, and jewel-colored succulents are hardy and stylish additions to almost any room. And even if you think you will have difficulty maintaining growing plants, a compact hydroponic garden is practically fail-proof – just fill it with water and add plant food whenever it tells you to!

Community Gardening

At Shearwater, even if you fill your entire yard and home with young plants you can still find space to grow. The Community Garden is a series of raised garden beds that residents are able to rent for their own enjoyment, so you could have even more space for fruits and vegetables or a place to grow flowers to share with neighbors. The Community Garden is a great opportunity to grow a variety of garden plants and connect with fellow gardening enthusiasts.

At Shearwater you have all the space you need to grow and learn how to start gardening – whether that’s more space for a garden or for your growing family. To learn more about Shearwater, join our Interest List to receive all the latest updates, and view our Homes for sale page to see what’s currently available.