Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space

November 28th, 2018

At Shearwater, homes were designed with features like large, functional front and back porches that bring neighbors together and foster an appreciation for Florida’s natural beauty. With these easy tips and ideas, you can take full advantage of this extended living space and make it your new favorite place in the whole house.

  1. Make it functional. Like to work from home or enjoy the morning breeze? A small table and chairs is the perfect spot to get some work done or sip your coffee when the weather is particularly nice.
  2. Make it cozy. A hammock, rocking chair or a bench with cushions makes a comfortable place to relax with a book, sip some tea or take an afternoon nap.
  3. Use it for what you need. Every family is different, so make sure to use the space for what you really need. Add hooks for dripping coats or dog leashes, or create an outdoor mudroom so dirty shoes stay outside where they belong.
  4. Add personal touches. Just a few small things can make the space feel truly yours. Incorporate a funky pattern, add some throw pillows or paint furniture your favorite color.
  5. Remember the floor. You can opt for a more traditional style, stain cement a fun color, or even just toss down a patterned rug for interest and texture. You’ll be surprised how much a rug can change the feel of the space!
  6. Hang some plants. Porches are valuable growing space. Show off your favorite flowers, have a container garden of veggies and herbs, or opt for some hardy, jewel-colored succulents.
  7. Use it! After all the hard work you put into making your porch beautiful and functional, you deserve to take advantage of your personal oasis. Have friends over for brunch on a sunny Sunday morning, relax after work and listen to the chirping birds, or just watch the kids play and sip on some tea.

For even more ideas on how to decorate your porch, take a look at our Front Porch Living Pinterest board.

Shearwater’s home builders know what today’s homebuyers are looking for and include some of today’s most sought-after features in their designs, including front and back porches. To learn more about the homes and lifestyle at Shearwater, join our Interest List or schedule a tour.