Tips for Entertaining for the Holidays

December 5th, 2018

It’s that time of the year again – time to deck the halls, bake some cookies and get together with loved ones to celebrate all that has happened in the past year. Hosting a holiday party, whether big or small, is the perfect way to get friends, family and neighbors together. With these tips of the trade, your holiday party will be a huge success and leave you feeling like Santa’s favorite elf.

  1. Set Up Santa’s Workshop

At Shearwater, many homes include a flex space that’s perfect for setting up a holiday headquarters. Store paper plates, assemble party favors and organize decorations – without it taking over the whole house. As a bonus, if you have kids or a curious significant other, this is the perfect place to wrap gifts away from prying eyes.

  1. Keep Extras on Hand

Go ahead and stock up your pantry and freezer with extra essentials. Napkins, disposable cups and snacks go a long way when the kids bring along their friends or cousins show up with a plus one. Plus, if the roast burns or the pie won’t set, you can save the day with that frozen lasagna and instant pudding.

  1. Get Progressive

Want to have a fancy dinner party with the neighbors, but don’t want to cook the whole feast? Organize a progressive party, where you go from house to house and enjoy a dish at each one. That way, you not only get to experience everyone’s favorite dish, but you get to know your neighbors better without putting all the work on one family.

  1. Let Guests Help

It’s the day of, and despite all your prepping and planning, you simply don’t have enough hands to roll the pigs in a blanket, baste the turkey, set the table and get more ice. The good news is, you don’t have to do it all. Let your guests help – with open floor plans and huge islands, you can never have too many chefs in the kitchen at Shearwater.

  1. Spread the Joy

Caroling around the neighborhood is fun for both guests and neighbors. Hang out on the porch to enjoy the cooler weather, and offer hot chocolate to those who pass by. You could even set up a donation jar at your party and donate all the proceeds to a local organization you care about. It’s the little things that are bound to put a smile on everyone’s face.

From the homes to the thoughtful amenities, Shearwater was designed to bring people together, year-round. To learn more about everything Shearwater has to offer, join our Interest List or schedule a tour.